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Vinyl Graphics

For many years we have been working with two different American made vinyl manufacturers. While there are other companies that make vinyl graphics, our experience has proven that these are the best in the business. Don’t trust your vehicle with inferior quality vinyl.

If you want to know more about the manufacturer, click on the links below:

*Other 2 MIL series from these lines could also used.

Vinyl Graphics Installation Guides

Don’t be intimated! You can install these graphics yourself.

The vinyl graphics we sell are not like a peel and stick sticker. They are professional quality automotive vinyl, so take your time and do your research on how to install them. These need more time and finesse to install.

Below are instructions and advice for installation of your vinyl graphics. We have both written and videos. Following these will give you the most professional installation possible. Just remember to be patient when installing.

Tools You Need for the Job

Stiff plastic squeegee
Sharp razor knife
Clean spray bottle
Wetting solution- one drop of dish soap to one quarter of water. (Don’t use to much soap. Trust us, one drop is enough)

Vinyl Graphic Installation Videos

Dry Application Videos

Wet Application Videos

Vehicle Graphics Care After Installation

We always recommend hand washing your car after graphic installation. Taking your vehicle to an automatic carwash could cause damage to the graphics. Use automotive soap with no silicone or wax. No polishing and compounding on the graphics. This will cause damage.

Here is a great video on the dos and don’ts in vehicle graphics care. Please Watch!

We are not endorsing the products that are being recommended on this video or being paid for recommending them. We just thought this was a great dos and don’ts on maintaining your vehicle graphics after installation.


What type of vinyl are the graphics offered in?

We use professional automotive grade vinyl by the best American manufacturers (3M & Avery). The vinyl can have an expected lifetime durability rating of five to eight years or even more if well maintained.

Could I see the color in person before buying a vinyl graphics kit?

We highly recommended purchasing a color chart from our store so to best determine what color you prefer. Color chart can be viewed online but are for reference only. Variation in the color can be distorted online due to number of factors. (I.E. The monitor you use)

Are graphics easy to install?

Yes but you need to do your research and take your time when installing them. See are helpful Vinyl Graphics Installation Guide page.

Do you recommend the Dry or Wet Install?

This all depends on which vinyl series you purchase. If you purchase the 3M 2080 or Avery SW 900 Wrap Series, these series can only be install dry. If its not the wrap series, then you can install both wet or dry.

Do vinyl graphics cause damage to my vehicle’s paint job?

NO! These are professional automotive grade vinyl and are designed to be remove when desired.

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