Meet the Team

Raymond Ott


Over 35 years’ experience in the accessory industry. Expertise in accessory installation, electronics and graphics. Developed excellent reputation in the expediter/truck upfitter industry serving large fleet clientele

Over 20 years involvement with SEMA PRO. Raymond served for three terms on their Select Committee. He was one of the first restylers in the US to obtain all the SEMA/ASE certifications, including the A6 Electrical. SEMA has invited to help in writing some of the SEMA/ASE certification tests.

Mama Mia

Customer Relations

Mama Mia came to be employed with Auto Trim back in August of 2019. We found her living under a trailer next to the shop with her 4 adorable kittens. We brought them all into the shop so that we can keep them safe, feed, and warm. Both Mia and the babies were very timid and would not let us near them. Eventually, we were able to socialize them and the kittens were adopted and Mama Mia stayed on with Auto Trim as Customer Relations.

Mia’s strengths are producing hair that is left all over the shop, greeting guest if she in the mood, and giving you attitude if you don’t pay your invoices on time. She loves food and adventuring outdoors. Next time your in the shop don’t forget to say Hi, if you can find her.

Shawna Visnosky

Operations Manager

Shawna has been with the company for over 15 years. Originally was hired to handle the accounting for the company but she saw the work piling up for our installers so she took the initiative to learn how to install graphics and window tint.

She has now taken on the project of being Auto Trim’s IT department and website design. She has been a great value to the company’s day to day operations.